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I have done my fair share of traveling, but this is the first trip I am doing solo. I plan on starting in Guatemala for Cosmic of coarse; visiting an old family friend who lives by Lake Atitlan. I am excited to see her village and meet the rest of her family. She comes and sells her weaving in America, so I have known her my whole life, but I have never gotten to visit her. Then I want to go to Belize and Honduras for a bit. I would love to stay and travel through until Envision in February, but I don’t really know anyone who can just take that much time off of work… and I am a little nervous about traveling alone, so hopefully I will meet someone who wants to adventure with me. See El Salvador, and Panama City… maybe go to Ometepe. I have already spent a fair amount of time in Nicaragua, but I wouldn’t mind going back to Ometepe. One of the loveliest places I have ever been. What are your travel plans? Who are you adventuring with?

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to Cosmic Convergence for New Years yet, treat yourself, there is no greater gift you can give yourself. Plus you can still use my link to get a discount:

I don’t have a discount for Envision this year, but if you want to buy a ticket here is where to go: Envision sold out last year, so don’t wait, or you might miss out.


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