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Golden Ticket


Attention everybody!! Don’t forget that the Golden Ticket Promotion ends this week. There are 100 tickets for a fixed price of $60 it doesn’t matter if you’re a foreigner or Latin American resident cost! They are Limited Edition and are running out fast!

Promotion will last until the 17th of December
You can find it at:

– Zola (San Pedro La Laguna) (Hotel-Restaqurante) https://www.facebook.com/zoola.sanpedro.5/
– the cat and the moon (tattoo shop and crafts, in front of tacomex main street San-Pedro La Laguna)
– FE (Hotel-restaurant) (San Pedro La Laguna) https://www.facebook.com/HotelAndRestaurantFe/?fref=ts
– smoke shop johanas (in front of the museum zutujil sanpedro laguna)
– Rega Bar 4-20 (San Pedro La Laguna)
– Tourism Agency “sur mesure” (San Pedro La Laguna) https://www.facebook.com/guatemalasurmesure/?fref=ts
– CHICHICASTE ZONE 1 Guatemala city


And in case you can’t get there by the 17th, don’t worry, you can still use my link for a discount: http://cosmicconvergencefestivalreps.nutickets.com/stgenevieve16/16480


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