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Learning Spanish

Have you been practicing your Spanish for the journey we are about to embark on? I have found the above series super helpful. I just put it on while I am at work, and repeat after the tutor. I am also loving the Duolingo app for my phone. I highly recommend downloading it. There are also translator apps but those are hard unless you buy a sim card when you get to the airport. Because otherwise you can only use them when you are near internet.

Mi español está mejorando día a día. Sin embargo, todavía suenan un poco como un gato moribundo. Espero que mi acento mejore una vez que estoy allí hablando.

Weather you have picked up Spanish or been speaking it your whole life, we hope you will join us! Just follow this link to get a discounted ticket to Cosmic Convergence: http://cosmicconvergencefestivalreps.nutickets.com/stgenevieve16/16480


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