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Deluxe Hotel Rooms


So do you want to come to Cosmic, but aren’t sure you can camp in that heat? don’t worry we have got you covered with deluxe hotel rooms near the festival, book for you and up to 3 friends. There is also a Lake View and a Basketball & Football Court just in case you get bored (you won’t, but just in case). Breakfast is also included. Just follow this link and book a room: https://www.numundo.org/booking/new/Byf7Hpwfl

If you just want to book a room for yourself, that’s totally a thing too, just follow this link instead to get a private room: https://www.numundo.org/booking/new/SJATRAgXx

Also don’t forget to get your tickets to the main event Cosmic Convergence. Here is a link to get tickets with my discount automatically added: http://cosmicconvergencefestivalreps.nutickets.com/stgenevieve16/16480




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