Hey all you lovely followers of mine! 

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket through my link! You make my adventures possible. I hope very much to meet some of you on this adventure of ours! Look for me I have bees tattooed on my knees! Second off I have a few last minute things to tell you. I want to let you know if you booked a shuttle your   shuttle will be picking you up from cafe bareto (to the right of the airport exit as you leave the building). He will be holding a cosmic convergence sign and looking for a group of many of you!   You will arrive at Panajachel boat dock, where you can take a boat to Santiago. Here you’ll see the cosmic tuk tuks (local taxis). Also I want to let you know that even though I have a scheduled post for tomorrow about renting tents that currently we have sold out. We are still trying to get more;  but in the mean time; I picked up a 30 dollar tent from Target that is very light and easy to carry. I haven’t opened it up yet, but it says it can sleep 2 people. This is a good option. Also there are still really nice hotel rooms you can rent here for up to 4 friends:  https://www.numundo.org/booking/new/Byf7Hpwfl

If you just want to book a room for yourself, that’s totally a thing too, just follow this link instead to get a private room: https://www.numundo.org/booking/new/SJATRAgXx

I am about to board my plane; so I won’t be too responsive; but I hope all this helped! And I will see you there. 

Also don’t forget to get your tickets to the main event Cosmic Convergence. Here is a link to get tickets with my discount automatically added:



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