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First night here! 

(This is a picture of hostel Tropicana)

Goodmorning Guatemala! Ok I lied about that being my last post for a minute. I had such a lovely time last night I want to give you guys the low down. Plus hostels have wifi so I have it for the moment. 

My trip got off to a rough start; there was a storm in Mexico City so we had to land at the near by airport and wait for an hour to refuel, then we finally made it to the Mexico City airport and I could see my flight getting called as the last call, as I waited to pick up my checked bag to put it on the next plane… so of coarse I missed that plane. They rescheduled me for one at 4, but that meant that I also missed the last cosmic shuttle. Because I am traveling alone for the first time, and in a country where I don’t really speak the language, I messaged like everyone I know in a panic when missing my flight. I have an amazing support network, so friends from all over reached out, telling me they had family in both Mexico City and in Gautemala City if I became stranded. So I calmed down a great deal. I likewise met a really lovely woman who lives here and offered to let me stay with her if I needed. The kindness of strangers always amazes me. She also had a working phone which she then used to help me get in touch with friends who were in Antigua for the night and find a hostel with a vacant bed. Lots of things were booked probably due to Cosmic Convergence, so this was no small feet. After finding a space, she waited for me to exchange money; and helped me find a taxi that had multiple passengers that would take me to Antigua for only 15 dollars. (If something similar to you happens it is a booth to the right of customs and the man there speaks English) She waited until I was in the car to leave. It was above and beyond anything I could have asked for. My cab ride just happened to be with two lovely interesting women whom I hope to see again at Cosmic. After a ride filled with great conversation and recommendations of where to go. I arrived at my hostel. A place called Tropicana, which was complete with a jacuzzi, a pool, hamics to lounge in during your stay, a supper happening bar, and a lovely staff. I highly recommend this hostel if you are here a night early or after the festival. I would not recommend it to a family with children or light sleepers. 

The bar was so poppin’ that I was tempted to stay; however when a local tells you what to see in a place you have never been, it is usually a good idea to go see that place. Cafe No Se is a small little hole in the wall, but they managed to fit 3 different bars (so there is very little waiting to get a drink) and a great blue grass band for the night. The place is dimly lit with amazing decor including a “too short door” to one of the bars that makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland having eaten the mushroom that makes you too big,  it leads you to a mescal bar. Further down the rabithole there is a cage just in case you feel like dancing and candles everywhere. They also happen to cary my favorite Nicaraguan Rum, Flor De Cana. People were friendly and my friends met me there. We had a very silly time, and I met a lot of wonderful people. I was told not to walk alone at night, but I actually felt very safe on the streets. If you get the chance to check out Antigua do so. Anyway, due to traveling to the festival today (it starts tomorrow but I have early entry) I might really not post for a minute. I doubt I will have wifi by the lake… but who knows. Hope you all travel safely! Despite the rocky start, I can tell now that I am here this is going to be an amazing trip. I am so in love with Guatemala already!

If you have read this far and don’t already have tickets to the main event we are selling day passes now for Cosmic, here is the link: cosmicconvergencefestival.nutickets.com/16480 I don’t think my code will work for one day, but you can try, it is STgenevieve16 If you want to go for the whole weekend, here my link for the discount to just be automatically added: http://cosmicconvergencefestivalreps.nutickets.com/stgenevieve16/16480 


6 thoughts on “First night here! 

      1. I wasn’t there long enough to know. I wanted to hike a volcano but didn’t have the time. Definitely go out dancing! If you find the right place with the right vibe and the right dancing partner, you’ll feel like a true Latino/a haha. Have fun!


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